...What if… in the chaos… you can’t find your doctor?

How To Make Your Own Antibiotics And Home-Made Herbal Remedies

Learn How To Make Your Own Emergency Herbal
​Remedies For Use In Any Survival Situation If And
​When Medical Help May Be Unavailable

  • ​Thousands of Hours ​of Herbal Research
  • ​Condensed for Quick Reference
  • ​Timely Resource For Troubled Times
  • Off-The-Grid Help For All Knowledge Levels

 Critical information for the hard times ahead​!​​​

​New Book Reveals How To Prepare Herb​al Medicines For Emergencies!

Dear Friend,

If you are serious about “emergency herbs” and how to use them when you can’t find a doctor, this will be an extremely important message to read.

Here’s why. I have just released an amazing new book called “Emergency Herbs” and it’s about the very subject you have some interest in.

Listen: My name is Carolyn Stephenson and the first thing you should know about me is... I am not a doctor.

I’m not a botanist either. I have never gone to college and I don’t have a degree in anything. In fact, the only thing I consider myself an “expert” about is...

I Think I Know How Almost Everyone
Can Use Herbs In Emergency Situations!

I know... because... I’ve done it.

Look, when you get into a tight spot, you have to use whatever you can find to keep yourself or a loved one healthy. I’ve worried about this kind of thing for a long, long time. What would I ever do if I couldn’t find a doctor and someone I love was sick? It was an issue that literally kept me awake at night. So... instead of continuing to worry, I decided to come up with some answers. I decided to do some research. I went to five different bookstores in my city and found 72 books on Herbal Remedies.

​​I've To Condense It All Into A Very Usable

 Emergency Reference  Guide

There’s a ton of material covered in this condensed “little” 34 page book and having it handy could mean the difference between sickness and health in a crisis and...

 You need this information right now because the world is going psycho. The odds are that we will experience some type of meltdown which could affect the availability of good health care. Having this kind of information at your fingertips isn’t a luxury for Americans anymore.

Emergency Herbs Really Can Be Made In Your Own Kitchen

What’s more, the more options you have in a crisis, the better decisions you can make. That’s why I want you to have this book in your possession.

One More Thing. It's Important:We simply don’t know just how much longer ​we will be allowed to provide information like this books like this to be sold. So, if we’re “stopped” you won’t be able to get this information at any cost anywhere.

I guess that’s why I’m saying to order now. It’s that important and you won’t want to run the risk of the information in this book being withheld from you! 

​Further: The information in this report is for informational use only. It does not replace your doctor! Always see a health care professional if you or someone you love is sick. You should also know that herbal remedies are powerful and can back fire. This means you can hurt yourself by misusing them.

​A Great "Fast-Find" ​Reference Guide

 For The Coming Hard Times

 "Emergency Herbs"

Special Offer: All you have to do is click the “order now” button below to order. The book is normally $40.00 as a download but we desperately want you to have it so we have cut the price to $20.00.

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    Find Herbal Solutions Fast!
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"Emergency Herbs" Book

“​Helps with independent living.  Didn't realize so many herbs growing wild on our farm”

“​ Great! More books like this!"

​Linda Hansen
​Prepper Mom

“Give Me  Emergency Herbs or Give Me Death!

Here's what ​a Perfect Guide Book Looks Like...​"

“​Wow, helpful and interesting too. Thanks so much!

​Pat Mahoney
​Off-Grid Enthusiast

“​Helpful in an Emergency"

“​that's right ... in a real emergency

​Bob and Tammy

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Carolyn Robinson

Creator of ​​

"Emergency Herbs"​

About the Author

Carolyn Robinson is not a doctor, professional chemist, biologist or  anything like that.  Just a real "can do" woman who... with the help of more than a few doctors, herbalist and librarians has written a tightly edited reference manual for using herbs when there is no doctor. She's a top notch researcher and spared no expense in putting this work  together. It's your go to reference for all things herbal.

None of this is medical advice.  Just helpful research for off the grid emergencies.

"The remedies
I’ve discovered represent the findings and gleanings of thousands of hours worth of research."

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